Warisan Kita (Our Heritage) Commemorative Book

Art Direction, Editorial Design, Graphic Design
Warisan Kita (Our Heritage) is a series of ceramic art workshops initiated by Malay Heritage Foundation, where members of the public were invited to create their own expression on ceramic tiles to reflect on their identity and what it means to be a Singaporean. The series of workshops will culminate in the installation of a mural at Malay Heritage Centre. A commemorative book was commissioned to document the workshop processes as well as the experiences of the organiser and participants.

With the background of the project, the cover was designed to reflect the essence and nature of the mural. The tactility and rawness of the ceramic art form is represented via the untreated grey cardboard and exposed spine. The blind debossed motif of the berhias bunga, encircled by a ring representing the community mirrors the imprint made by the participants on the clay tiles. Copper foil stamping of the logo provides a contrasting finishing of the cover.
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