Music@Empress Branding & Collateral

Art Direction, Branding
Music@Empress is a monthly outdoor concert organised by the National Arts Council as part of its placemaking efforts for the Civic District (CD). Taking place on the lawn in front of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall (VTVCH), it features local bands and musicians, as well as a casual and family-friendly setting for attendees. 

As this event is site specific, VTVCH was chosen as the anchor for the identity. To evoke the easy vibes of the outdoor concert, the VTVCH facade was redrawn as a simplistic line art. The juxtaposition of the line drawing and photographs of musical acts will play up the duality concept of the CD branding.

The word mark was also slanted at an angle to reflect the CD branding, and a strong and bold type was chosen so that it could stand alone on its own. The application of teal and a bluish violet reflect a sense of vibrancy and energy.

For the event, the identity was translated to the stage setup, street lamp banners and on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

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