Bulan Bahasa 2015

Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Graphic Design
Being the third year that Pencil was engaged in the Bulan Bahasa campaign, the team has witnessed the development and usage of the visual system that was first developed in 2013. With that, the observations and comments that were gathered by the team were aggregated to help formulate the direction for 2015’s campaign.

With the foundations laid in the first two years with an identity that exhibits “ilmu, budaya dan mesra”, it was time to further engage the public through the idea of storytelling. Inspiration was derived from the quote “empat sudah bersimpul satu” which drives the idea of a gathering of people who are knowledgeable, skilled, hardworking and who are critical thinkers, to create conversations. And these conversations were represented by the rhetoric element of the inverted commas.
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