Bulan Bahasa 2013

Branding, Creative Direction, Typography
National Heritage Board // Bulan Bahasa 2013

Seeking an identity that exhibits bahasa ilmu, bahasa budaya and bahasa mesra; 
connoting that language encompasses wisdom, culture and the everyday.

The significance of communicating in the aforementioned 
emphases of the Malay Language
Bahasa Ilmu: the Refined
Bahasa Budaya: the Understanding
Bahasa Mesra: the Conversation

Our approach
The Art of Carving – established by the ‘Malays’ 500 years ago
The intricacy and refined carving that mirrors the initiative of Bulan Bahasa
in igniting the value of the Malay language and exercising its practices.

Colour Palette
– why silver as a potential preference rather than brass or gold;
as this could be made the colour palette for Bulan Bahasa 2013

Silverware as point of departure
The idiom, silver lining:
the hope or the ‘first light’ in the design as well as 
contextualizing the practices of Bulan Bahasa 2013.
Identity design
Grid development
Visual (Initials): 
the signifier, the motif and the awareness
Oral (Vowels): 
A, E, I, O, U
Print Collaterals
Quarter Page Ad
Events and Activation
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